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Latest updates and inspiring ideas from Lamber De Bie Flowers. Please sign up for our newsletter to follow the latest updates!

  • 29 March 2021

    Easter Flowers by Lamber de Bie

    Easter is a delicate and the most beautiful spring holiday, that we all celebrate every year. On this festive day, our hearts are filled with great love and giving beautiful flowers is the perfect way to show it!Fresh spring foliage and Easter flowers are a symbol of eternal life and...

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  • 24 February 2021

    A very Christmas Wedding

    It is the night before your wedding and all is in placeAre people who love you with smiles on their faceThe flowers are ready, the venue perfectionTo host as you pledge your love and affectionAttendants are chosen and will be finely dressedIt is time that St. Nick your wedding did...

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  • 23 February 2021

    Elopement Winter Wedding

    18th December 2020 WeddingA very special elopement wedding on a winter’s day in December of 2020.The joy of a commitment is equally beautiful with only 2 guests than it would be with 200 hands to shake on the day.Are you planning to elope and still want to make your day...

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  • 23 February 2021

    Winter Wedding at Mount Juliet Estate

    On the 17th of December 2020, Karen & her partner got married in the beautiful small church in Faithlegg in County Waterford.Thereafter they travelled a short journey to the amazing Mount Juliet Estate In Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny where they were hosting a reception and dinner for their guests in the...

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  • 07 February 2021

    Naomi Porta Nova Supra - The Best Roses in the World with the Minimal Impact on the Environment

    Naomi Porta Nova SupraThe best roses in the world with the minimal impact on the environment.I would like to show you why at Lamber de Bie Flowers we buy the roses we do.Not just for Valentine's Day, but all year round we buy the Red Naomi Roses from this amazing...

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  • 21 January 2021

    Valentine's Day Flower Delivery

    VALENTINE’S DAYIn a restless world like this isLove is ended before it's begunAnd too many moonlight kissesSeem to coolin the warmth of the sunWhen I give my heartit will be completelyOr I'll never give my heartAnd the moment I can feel thatyou feel that way tooIs when I fall in...

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  • 01 December 2020

    Christmas Wreaths for Sale Online

    At the beginning of December we all trying to arrange a magical atmosphere in our homes and sometimes the old traditions are truly the best. One of such decorations is a Christmas Wreath.Discover unique designer Christmas Wreaths and choose one from our stunning selection online.Enjoy Lamber de Bie’s contemporary take...

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  • 12 November 2020

    Luxury Seasonal Door Wreaths by Lamber de Bie

    Enjoy Lamber de Bie’s contemporary take on the traditional Wreath.You can hang it on a door inside or out and it will last for the whole season.Lamber’s Tip: Place a nail or tack in the top end of the door out of sight. Hang the wreath from it on a...

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  • 11 November 2020

    Nationwide Flower Delivery - Lamberdebie.ie

    Lamber de Bie Flowers deliver flowers all over IrelandWe are proud to say that we are an authentic Irish florists, that can offer a Nationwide Delivery Service to your door wherever you are in Ireland.We work hard to provide for the flower delivery service to all our discerning customers who...

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  • 15 June 2020

    The Olive Tree

    The Olive The charm of the Olive (Olea) is in the combination of the rough and twisted wooden stems and the always silver green leaves. Because of the characteristic expression of this plant it brings immediately a southern atmosphere to our terraces or balcony, that brings you right back to...

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  • 04 June 2020

    Summer Flower Selection Available Now

    The Peony RoseIt is the time for the magnificent Peony Rose. This early summer favorite will make many vases shine as well as be shown in bridal bouquets and centre pieces. Welcome to the world of the Peony.The Origin of the Peony RosesHere in Europe we enjoy the beauty of...

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  • 28 April 2020

    Intimate Wedding at Mount Juliet

    Creating a small and intimate wedding may be the future for weddings.With the restriction on numbers gathered in one place due to the Covid-19 crisis, it could be that your planned wedding with all your friends and family present is some time off. You may still want to go ahead...

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  • 13 March 2020

    Mother's Day Collection 2020

    It's time to say thank you and to show all the love to the most important person in our life!Looking for the perfect gift for your dearest lady? Our luxury selection of Mother’s Day flowers has something extra-special for every Mum.Celebrate Mother's Day on Sunday 22nd of March 2020, with...

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  • 04 March 2020

    International Women’s Day - 8th of March 2020

    International Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th of March every year. In different regions the focus of the celebrations ranges from general celebration of respect, appreciation and love towards women to a celebration for women’s economic, political, and social achievements. It's a perfect occasion to show our care and...

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  • 15 February 2020

    New Year's Eve Wedding at Waterford Castle – Jill & Joe

    If you love castles then you’ll love this New Year’s Eve wedding!Jill & Joe got married in the beautiful Waterford Castle on New Year’s Eve. They had a fun filled castle wedding, with so much style, love and a massive Christmas tree!Getting readyJill got ready at home with her family...

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  • 07 February 2020

    Valentines Day Flowers 2020 - The Perfect Gift For Loved Ones

    If only the best is good enough for your loved one this Valentines Day have a look at this video where Master Florist, Lamber de Bie shows the latest trends in flowers for Valentine. From a bouquet with the most amazing dozen large headed red roses to a simple but...

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  • 06 February 2020

    Valentine's Day 2020 Designer Bouquets

    The most special day for lovers is the day dedicated to pure love and to that magical feeling that connects two hearts.VALENTINES FLOWERS 2020 FROM LAMBER DE BIE Valentine's Day is a holiday that is celebrated almost in the whole world! On this romantic day you can express your feelings...

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  • 19 December 2019

    Christmas opening hours 2019

    Christmas Eve - Tuesday 24th of December 2019 - 8 am to 6 pm Kilkenny and Waterford ShopsWe’re back open all day on Friday 27th of December in both Kilkenny and Waterford ShopsOpen Sunday 29th of December Waterford Shop OnlyBoth shops open Tuesday 31st of December all day from 9...

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  • 09 December 2019

    Waterford Castle Christmas Decor 2019

    Lamber de Bie and his team of florists and decorators are very busy trough out the month of November and December decorating many hotels, private homes and offices for the festive season.We are proud with a large amount of customers that let us into their business and homes to bring...

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  • 08 December 2019

    How To Make Your Own Christmas Door Wreath - Step By Step Tutorial

    Lamber de Bie, Master florist shows you a step by step explanation of how to make your own Christmas door wreath. This DIY tutorial video will have you create Christmas door wreaths for yourself and all your friends like a real florist.And if you want to see more ideas than...

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  • 08 December 2019

    Irish Church Wedding Decorations

    Lamber de Bie flowers decorated a small Irish church for a stunning wedding. There is a magnificent arch build of lots of summer flowers for the bride to enter as well as a vintage style entrance decoration for the side entrance where the guests will enter.The flowers used are mainly...

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  • 25 November 2019

    Christmas by Lamber de Bie Flowers

    Let Lamber de Bie Flowers decorate your home or business this year...The magic starts from the very first days of December when Lamber and his team of professional florists suddenly shift into a glorious elves to bring you incredible festive designs and Christmas decorations.At Lamber de Bie Flowers we specialise...

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  • 17 October 2019

    Natural Flower Wedding Arch - Floral Wedding Decor

    Open-ended Natural Flower Wedding ArchThe loose and natural style of arranging has been Lamber’s favourite for a long time and is now becoming widely used by florists for weddings.At the entrance of this Irish country church Lamber created a dramatic entrance to welcome the guests on entering the church as...

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  • 25 July 2019

    Wedding Flowers at Cloghan Castle​ - Rachel & Rodolfo

    Wedding of Rachel and RodolfoThe couple arrived a few days ahead of the wedding with a small group of friends and family to celebrate their wedding and stay for the duration in an Irish Castle.They asked Wedding planner Waterlily Weddings to organise the day who introduced us to this wonderful...

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  • 02 July 2019

    Summer Wedding Destination - Waterford Castle Ireland

    Monica and Nate were looking for a dream destination for their Big Day, and after visiting Ireland last year they knew they wanted to get married here. Bride and Groom to be decided to choose one of the most majestic wedding venues in Ireland. Waterford Castle Hotel and Golf Resort...

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  • 07 June 2019

    Summer Flower Collection by Lamber de Bie

    Summer is a wonderful time - nature pleases us with the bright colours and beautiful flowers surround us everywhere. It would seem that there is no point of ordering flower bouquets during the summer...But that's definitely not the case - numerous surveys show that people love to receive floral gifts...

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  • 27 May 2019

    Sweet Peonies by Lamber de Bie

    Sweet PeonyNo flower so fitti gly illustrates the blooming strength of May as the peony. The buds are balls of compressed energy that – when the time comes – open very quickly and smell beautiful. The single-flowered peonies then display a fabulous heart, whilst the double-flowered varieties produce a cheerful...

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  • 17 April 2019

    Easter Display at Mount Juliet Estate

    This year Lamber worked in collaboration with the people in Mount Juliet to build two very special Easter displays in both the Manor House Hotel as well as for the Hunter’s Yard Hotel who are both part of the amazing Mount Juliet Estate.Lamber and his team are very familiar with...

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  • 10 April 2019

    Easter Flower Collection by Lamber De Bie

    Easter is one of the most beautiful awakening spring holidays and one of the biggest celebrations of the year. On this special occasion, we always plan how to decorate our home, how to create a cozy atmosphere for our family, friends and visitors.The most important tradition in decorating our home...

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  • 19 March 2019

    Mother's Day Flowers 2019

    Mom is the first person we meet at birth. Her unconditional love, care and warmth surrounds us throughout the life.At Lamber de Bie Flowers we believe that Mother's Day is the most gentle and heartwarming holiday, created to remember the most dearest and important person, who deserves attention every day...

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  • 12 February 2019

    The Storey of St Valentine

    Every February the fourteenth, chocolate, flowers, and gifts are exchanged between loved ones across the world, all in the name of St. Valentine.But who is this mysterious saint and why do we celebrate this day.The Legend of St. ValentineThe history of Valentine’s Day–and the story of its patron saint–is shrouded...

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  • 01 February 2019

    Valentine's Day 2019 Designer Bouquets

    The most special day for lovers is the day dedicated to pure love and to that magical feeling that connects two hearts.Valentine's Day is a holiday that is celebrated almost in the whole world! On this romantic day you can express your feelings with a gift, a Valentine's Day card,...

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  • 30 January 2019

    ​National Tulip Day

    Every year the tulip season in Holland officially starts with the National Tulip Day in Amsterdam. It is celebrated on Dam Square in Amsterdam, where Dutch tulip growers build a very special tulip garden. Everyone is invited to come and pick some flowers!In 2019 the National Tulip Day (Nationale Tulpendag)...

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  • 15 January 2019

    Our Seasonal Flower Range Available Now

    If you want to surprise your beloved one with the true beauty - choose tulips! Bright tulip bouquet will make an excellent seasonal gift!At Lamber de Bie Flowers we are excited to present our -Winter Bouquet Selection - of stunning seasonal blooms and beautiful flower arrangements, including colourful spring tulips...

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  • 22 December 2018

    Christmas opening hours 2018

    Dear Customers,Our Christmas opening hours:Christmas Eve - Monday 24 December 2018 - 8am to 6pm Kilkenny and Waterford ShopsWe’re back open all day on Thu 27 December, Fri 28 December , Sat 29 December - Kilkenny and Waterford ShopsOpen Sunday 30 Dec Waterford Shop OnlyBoth shops open Monday 31 December...

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  • 05 December 2018

    Winter Wonderland Wedding at Waterford Castle

    We just received these beautiful pictures from Fiona and Kevin and want to share it with you straight away!Their wonderful wedding took place on the 2nd of February 2018 at the legendary Waterford Castle, which is uniquely situated on a private Island, enjoying a truly picturesque and enchanting location on...

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  • 01 December 2018

    Helleborus, the Christmas rose

    Helleborus, the Christmas RoseIt’s always spectacular: a plant that blooms when most garden plants are hibernating. Helleborus (also known as the Christmas rose) treats you to a large white flower with a fantastic crown of stamens oat their hearth from November to March. The Plant can cope with snow and...

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  • 29 November 2018

    Mount Juliet Christmas Decor 2018

    Our latest Christmas decoration project is completed and we couldn't be happier to be a part of this magical process.A renowned golf and spa resort on a beautiful country estate just outside Kilkenny city, Mount Juliet is set on 1,500 acres of wooded parkland and overlooks the river Nore. Full...

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  • 27 November 2018

    Christmas Weddings by Lamber de Bie

    Winter is the most wonderful time of the year...If you have been dreaming of a winter wonderland wedding, we are happy to help you create your perfect day!During Christmas time many couples prefer winter hues and the natural beauty of nature in the floral decor, creating a magical winter atmosphere....

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  • 25 November 2018

    Amazing selection of Orchids available now

    Amazing selection of Orchids available all through our Winter SeasonChic orchids in WinterIt's all about chic orchids in the Winter; November, December, January & February. With special guests like the Vanda, Cymbidium and Phalaonopsis. So surprise someone with this glamorous flower's many styling possibilities. At Lamber de Bie Flowers we...

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  • 23 November 2018

    Christmas Flower Delivery in Waterford

    Christmas flower arrangements by Lamber de Bie are not only beautiful, but also universal - they can be presented as a gift, used as a Christmas dining table decoration or nested on the fireplace to create a festive mood. Every year our highly dedicated and professional florists create a wonderful...

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  • 22 November 2018

    Christmas Flower Delivery in Kilkenny

    Celebrate this Christmas with magical and beautifully arranged festive bouquets of fresh delicate flowers. Our dazzling selection of Christmas flowers is full of festive colours, sparkles and best seasonal blooms.Here at Lamber de Bie Flowers we are very excited to offer you our amazing themed Christmas compositions. We truly believe...

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  • 21 November 2018

    Down in the Woods - Wedding Flowers by Lamber De Bie

    Ireland's Most Beautiful wedding Magazine : THE VOW “Winter 2018 Edition” Features LAMBER DE BIE, Master Florist in a inspiring article of:DOWN IN THE WOODSEarlier this summer Lamber together with a selection of amazing wedding service providers set out on a photo shoot in one of Ireland's most stunning and...

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  • 10 November 2018

    Lamber creates Thanksgiving Table Centre for Live USA TV

    Over a number of years Lamber has build a relationship with many of the team at Waterford Crystal both in Ireland, UK and the USA. He also worked many times creating floral displays in and around Waterford crystal pieces used by the team of Evine Live when they broadcast live...

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  • 26 October 2018

    Lamber De Bie Wedding Flowers - Another Happy Customer

    Lamber de Bie Flowers at Waterford Castle HotelWe provide flowers for all events and weddings at Waterford Castle, from small and intimate parties to a large occasions. We work with all budgets and can accommodate everything from the truly extravagant to the most simple of celebrations. Finding the right florist...

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  • 08 October 2018

    Flower Delivery Kilkenny

    Let someone special know that you care with our personal flower delivery in Kilkenny. All our bouquets are created with the freshest blooms and greenery to offer you the best available flower arrangements for any important occasion. At Lamber de Bie we are dedicated in providing top quality service to...

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  • 04 October 2018

    Flower Delivery Waterford

    Here at Lamber de Bie we are committed to deliver only the freshest blooms and bouquets in Waterford city. Lamber and his team of professional florists have designed an exclusive online catalogue of stunning hand-tied bouquets and flower arrangements. We have created a large selection of luxurious bouquets to offer...

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  • 20 September 2018

    Spring Wedding Flowers at Waterford Castle Rocio & James

    It all started with choosing the perfect Bouquet for Bride...We used different colour astilbe flowers in creme/white, pink and dark pink in the bouquet, together with a few dark burgundy mini calla, a few pale-pink peony blooms, some David Austin Darcey roses, nude coloured QuickSand roses and a mixture of...

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  • 06 September 2018

    Online Flower Delivery - Kilkenny and Waterford Area

    What could be better than getting a beautiful, hand-tied bouquet of fresh blooms? Our professional florists will create an exquisite arrangement, using the best available flowers. At Lamber de Bie each bouquet is hand crafted and wrapped elegantly by our florists. We select only the freshest seasonal blooms and foliages...

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  • 13 August 2018

    Alternative wedding look, photo shoot Kilfane Glen & Waterfall

    July 2018 Fairytale or Fantasy – Cool, confident brides who bring a new look to weddings. I loved the idea of this wedding shoot from the very beginning. Lord of the Rings, retro chic, whimsy, fairytale and vintage fantasy; all themes that really excite me that I don’t often get...

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  • 13 August 2018

    Summer Wedding at Mount Juliet - August 2018

    A Mount Juliet Wedding in AugustA loose and natural style, hand-tied bouqet made up of pink blooms in different shades to create an Ombre effect. This will include Large, scented David Austin Garden roses, Summer dahlia’s, Bouvardia, Astilbe and other seasonal summer flowers with a delicate cascade of Ruscus and...

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  • 10 August 2018

    Kilkenny Arts Festival Flower Installations

    Kilkenny Arts Festival 2018Lamber de Bie once again looks after all flowers for the events at the Kilkenny Arts Festival.Lamber used tall Typha plumes (cigars as they are often called in the flower trade ) as well as umbrella's of the Cyperus plant. At the base there are the exotic...

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  • 25 July 2018

    Wedding Flowers trends 2019 - 2020

    Wedding flowers trends. Weddings 2019/2020For some time now “and still very present for Summer 2018” the main colour was, and to a point still is, soft pinks and pastels colours onto peachy pink, soft rose gold, etc. We have created many floral decors this year using soft pink open, scented...

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  • 05 June 2018

    Wedding Flowers at Castle Durrow

    Lamber de Bie Flowers at Castle DurrowWe provide flowers for all events and weddings at Castle Durrow, from small and intimate parties to a large occasions. We work with all budgets and can accommodate everything from the truly extravagant to the most simple of celebrations. Finding the right florist to...

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  • 28 May 2018

    Florist Job available in Waterford

    Experienced Florist Needed For Lamber de Bie FlowersA special opportunity has arisen for a full time florist for our Flower Shop in Waterford.At Lamber de Bie Flowers we are looking for team members who are passionate about customer service. We are currently looking to recruit a florist to join our...

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  • 24 May 2018

    Birthday Flower Delivery in Kilkenny

    We always wonder what would be the best birthday gift for a beloved one, a friend, a Mother or a co-worker. Here at Lamber de Bie we truly believe that fresh flowers are great addition to the gift that will please everyone.Make it a birthday to remember with our selection...

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  • 23 May 2018

    Lamber de Bie Florist creates floral displays for launch event of Jeff Leatham Vases for Waterford Crystal in Irish Castle

    Wednesday 24 May 2018 - Waterford Castle Hotel and Resort - The Island, Waterford, Ireland.Jeff Leatham, Celebrity florist, creates cool new vases for Waterford Crystal.Waterford Crystal are continuously innovating, on this occasion they have continued their relationship with world famous American florist to the stars, Jeff Leatham. Jeff has teamed...

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  • 22 May 2018

    Wedding Flowers at Dunbrody Country House

    Lamber de Bie Flowers at Dunbrody Country HouseWe provide flowers for all events and weddings at Dunbrody Country House, from small and intimate parties to a large occasions. We work with all budgets and can accommodate everything from the truly extravagant to the most simple of celebrations. Finding the right...

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  • 14 May 2018

    Meghan Markle’s wedding bouquet: our expert picks the perfect posy, Irish Times.

    Meghan Markle’s wedding bouquet: our expert "Lamber de Bie" picks the perfect posyKilkenny florist is taking a punt on peonies, a favourite of Meghan’s and now in bloom - The Irish Times Saturday, May 12, 2018Royal weddings are so exciting but as a florist there is an extra thrill as...

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  • 14 May 2018

    Birthday Flower Delivery in Waterford

    Birthday is the main personal holiday of the year for everyone of us. Without a doubt, the essential attribute of this event are flowers. Gorgeous bouqeut of fresh flowers symbolize love and respect, and brings the importance of the moment.Delicate flowers, beautifully assembled together, can tell the birthday person more...

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  • 08 May 2018

    Royal Weddings from Victoria to Kate

    Royal Weddings from Victoria to KateRoyal weddings have been the inspiration for many brides-to-be when it comes to planning their own wedding. wether it is the dress, the flowers, the cake or any other detail of the last big wedding.I am looking at some of the biggest royal weddings in...

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  • 02 May 2018

    Weddings in Ireland - Sea , Cliffs , Castles - Real Irish Wedding Experience

    Lamber de Bie is the creator of magical weddings in Ireland, whether it be in an ancient castle, a clifftop ruin or a romantic luxury hotel, he will bring his unique floristry skills to bring a natural charm to any space. He works with all the best venues and wedding...

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  • 01 May 2018

    Royal Wedding Flowers

    Harry and Meghan ‘s wedding flowersRoyal weddings are so exciting but as a florist there is an extra thrill as I try to predict the style and structure the flowers will take.I’m going to go all out this year and predict the wedding bouquet that Meghan will have. She is...

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  • 16 April 2018

    Real Wedding Flowers in Waterford Castle , Ireland

    Wedding Flowers by Lamber de Bie Flowers - 8th of March , 2018 ( International Woman’s Day ) in Waterford Castle , Waterford, Ireland.The ceremony was in the conservatory off the dining room in the castle. Followed by dinner in the castle.The style of the flowers was very natural, almost...

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  • 16 April 2018

    Wedding Flowers - Lamber De Bie - Wedding Florist in Waterford

    Wedding Flowers - Lamber De Bie - Wedding Florist in WaterfordOur florists Mashy in our flowershop in Waterford was delighted to see the winner of our Facebook competition walk into our shop to claim her winning bouquet on Valentines day. She recognised Susan immediately. We created the flowers for Susan’s...

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  • 25 March 2018

    Easter Flower Delivery in Waterford and Kilkenny

    Despite a lot of different traditions worldwide there is one common Easter attribute - fresh flowers - the symbol of spring revival and awakening of nature. The best way to decorate your house or festive table is to choose lovely spring flowers. Compositions from primroses are light, airy, and bring...

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  • 19 March 2018

    Easter Egg Display at the Newpark Hotel in Kilkenny

    Again this year Lamber de Bie is responsible for the easter egg display at the Newpark Hotel in Kilkenny.Lamber created a magnificent display around the train with lots of Spring branches, lots of yellow and green Cymbidium orchids and potted daffodils.Lamber was very careful not to break the big easter...

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  • 06 March 2018

    Wedding talk by the experts at Mount Juliet Estate

    This year Mount Juliet invited 5 experts in their field to come along and talk to a fully packed room of newly engaged couples about their upcoming wedding celebrations.Lamber de Bie was asked to talk about wedding flowers, current trends in wedding flowers, the absolute must haves and what extra’s...

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  • 01 March 2018

    Wedding afternoon at Faithlegg House Hotel in Waterford

    Sunday 25th of February there was a wedding afternoon at Faithlegg House Hotel in Waterford.At Lamber de Bie Flowers we are very familiar with the wedding venue at Faithlegg and have looked after many wedding flowers there in the past.The wedding talk by the experts in Faithlegg House Hotel was...

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  • 27 February 2018

    Mother's Day Flowers Waterford

    Mother's Day is one of the most heart-warming holidays of the year, the day when we thank the most loved and dearest person in our life. Surprise your Mum with a stunning gift - a bouquet of Mother's Day flowers, carefully hand-tied to perfection by Lamber de Bie florists and...

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  • 27 February 2018

    Mother's Day Flowers Kilkenny

    Mother's Day is just around the corner and it is a wonderful occasion to express love and gratitude to the most dearest person in our life! Send your Mum a gorgeous bouquet of Mother's Day flowers, delicately hand-tied to perfection by professional Lamber de Bie florists. We know how to...

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  • 09 February 2018

    Valentine's Day Flowers Delivery in Kilkenny

    Can there be too much of attention to the most beloved ones? We do not think so. Please love and look after your dearest person everyday, and Lamber de Bie florists will take care that there would be no shortage of ideas how to make a fantastic surprise on Valentine's...

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  • 07 February 2018

    Valentine's Day Flowers Delivery in Waterford

    Gorgeous arrangement of flowers, with no doubt, is the best gift for Valentine's Day. After all, what is the best way to tell about the romantic feelings than the tender, weightless, almost transparent petals of real flowers?Our beautiful bouquets of luxury roses and alternative Valentine's Day flowers such as fragrant...

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  • 04 February 2018

    Wedding talk by Jenny McCarthy from Photo's by Jen

    Wedding talk by Jenny McCarthy at the Newpark HotelCelebrity photographer from Photo's by Jen www.photosbyjen.ieA Brilliant day was had at the Wedding talk at the Newpark Hotel in Kilkenny on Sunday 4th of February 2018.Except from Jenny there was also Yvonne Maher doing her talk on stage. Yvonne from Makeup...

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  • 03 February 2018

    Winter wedding at Waterford Castle Fiona & Kevin

    These are the kind of emails we are very lucky to receive into our shop:Hi Mashy,Wow is all we can say. The flowers were just amazing and turned out so much better than we ever imagine. You are just masters at your job and we are so happy we chose...

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  • 29 August 2017

    Stunning pictures received from Nick O'Keefe Photography

    Today I got an email from Rachel from the Office of Nick O'Keefe Photography that the wedding photo's of Una Mulryan & JD Flynn were ready for me and she would start transferring them to me later.Here's the first one that came trough and I just couldn't wait to show...

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  • 30 July 2017

    Waterford Castle Weddings Showcase

    Twice every year there is this event in the wedding calender we wouldn't miss for the world.Today again we were at the Amazing Wedding showcase day at Waterford Castle Hotel in Waterford, Ireland.WE had the pleasure to talk to many Brides To Be about the plans for their big day....

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  • 28 July 2017

    Suzanne Jackson chooses Lamber de Bie Flowers for her wedding flowers

    Suzanne Jackson, Irish most successful blogger, fashion icon and amazing business woman choose Lamber de Bie to look after the flowers for her wedding with fiancee Dylan O'Connor. On April 7th of this year Suzanne announced that she had decided to use Lamber de Bie, Dutch Master Florist to look...

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  • 10 May 2017

    our new website coming soon

    Our New Website Coming Soon!We are launching our new website this week. We hope you will enjoy it!Lamber De Bie Flowers

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