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Calla lily Wedding Flowers

Calla lily Wedding Flowers

Calla Lily is a plant common name that usually refers to the genus Zantedeschia (in particular, Zantedeschia aethiopica), but can sometimes refer to the genus Calla, which used to include Zantedeschia.

Calla Lilies are mostly found in two different sizes, The Large, mostly white Calla Lily or Easter Lily and the miniature Calla lily. The smaller calla lilies are most popular in wedding flowers. They are used in bridal bouquet's, corsage's, gent's buttonhole's as well as for church flowers and hotel or table decorations.


Designs and ideas for calla lily wedding bouquets and boutonnieres. Includes different color and style options for the bridal bouquet.



Calla lilies are a classic wedding flower for a bride who wants to portray simple elegance.Traditionally, white calla lilies have been the classic choice; however, the current availability of callas in a wide variety of colors opens up a number of bouquet options. Many brides opt for the classic look of white calla lilies tied together with a sheer white ribbon and carried cradled in the left arm during the processional.While other flowers, such as roses and gardenias, often require filler to give the bouquet greater volume, calla bouquets can stand alone with just the lilies to comprise the bouquet.The following bouquet options can be made at home or by a florist, and offer a few new options for this classic weddingbouquet flower.



Truly traditional



For a wedding bouquet that screams elegance and sophistication, choose several (5-8) long-stemmed white or ivory calla lilies. Cut the stem so that the blossoms are of slightly varying length, and collect the flowers with a sheer white ribbon tied into a bow.This type of bouquet should be carried cradled horizontally in the bride's left arm during the processional. For a truly dramatic look, use long-stemmed calla lilies with stems that are several feet long and cut to different lengths, so that the flowers drape over the bride's arm.To make attendant's bouquets, use a similar method but choose fewer flowers (3-5), or give each bridesmaid a single calla lily with a sheer white ribbon bow tied around the stem. For a more structured look, use white mini calla lilies to make your bouquets. For this look, cut 8-12 mini call lilies at a 10-12" stem length, then wrap them tightly together using green florist tape that is then covered with a sheer white ribbon tied into a bow. For the bridesmaid bouquets, use a similar method to tie together smaller versions of the same bouquet (3-8 flowers).


For more ideas on Calla lilies for your wedding flowers contact the wedding flower experts at Lamber de Bie Flowers, Ireland.

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